1969 Shasta Compact Remodel

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While looking at Facebook Marketplace near our last home city, St. Louis, I ran into a 1969 Shasta Compact. I immediately fell in love and woke Ryan up to tell him we had to have it! Fast forward to less than a week later and Suzy the Shasta was ours!

We were so excited to have our dream vintage trailer but quickly realized there was more work than we originally thought (that’s usually how these things go).  With no experience except for the help of my dad, a carpenter, we got to work.


Although Suzy did already have a paint job when we bought her, it was poorly done and not our style. So we decided to change it up to our dream sea-foam green!

How we painted the exterior for less than $200: Painting Our Vintage Camper




The kitchen was definitely one of our bigger projects! There was water damage on the front end as well as the back. We had to completely rebuild these sections. We also painted all the drawers and cabinets and replaced the knobs. We switched out the icebox for a mini fridge and painted the original oven! We added a backsplash and put in a new light and countertop.

Daewoo Compact Retro Refrigerator (ours is 2.8 mint) : https://amzn.to/2MH4U4P

Spray Paint for Oven: https://amzn.to/2MELaPx

Kitchen Backsplash: https://amzn.to/2KqoCzf


In the “bedroom” area, we took out the dinette table and made a custom bed instead. This bed converts to a full size bed and has storage underneath it! We also painted the walls and made new tops for the bench seats.

El Paso Designs San Miguel Blanket: https://amzn.to/2YHMGCI

Lightweight Wall Planters: https://amzn.to/2MP5YnStorage

Bins for Shelf: https://amzn.to/2MF0604


The bathroom needed new plumbing and a new water tank. We put in a new floor and I made custom curtains throughout.


We took out this bulkier cabinet and opted for smaller one to give us more headspace. We fixed up the old screen door and then it was time to decorate!

You can watch our full tour here!  Vintage Camper Remodel: Shasta Compact Tour

I’m a RYT and I Use Props (And Why You Should Too)


Before I completed my Yoga Teacher Training, I practically never used any props. My teacher would offer them during classes but I would stick up my nose and refuse. My ego told me that I would look like less of a yogi if I used a block under my hand. I felt like I needed to prove that I could do it on my own. I thought that a prop meant I was not good enough and that I needed to make the pose easier.

My training taught me one very important thing, props do not mean it is easier. In fact, many of the poses felt more difficult after adding props because I was engaging the proper muscles! Props enhance our practice. It is not a cop out by any means. Props help you find proper alignment in the pose. All of our bodies are built differently and props help accommodate for that.

We can become caught up on some “full variation” of the pose. We tell ourselves we need to look like XYZ in order to really have conquered it. But your goal with each yoga posture should be an intended benefit, not a final look. So when we are forcing our hand to the mat in Triangle we are not getting any of the benefits from lengthening through the side body. With a block under the hand, we are able to really experience the pose and soak up all the benefits.

Without props, we can form dangerous habits. By forcing our bodies into positions that they are not built for or ready for we can be doing much more harm than good. Props create muscle memory that will help us when we remove them.

And my final reason for being such strong supporter of the prop world, is yoga is supposed to calm and relax the mind. So take the struggle out! Allow yourself to feel supported so the muscles can relax. Then you are able to hold the pose longer, open up, and relax. It’s really difficult to keep a steady breath when you are struggling and forcing yourself through the entire practice.

I promise no one will think less of you for grabbing those props during class. It might even make your teacher gleam with joy.✨

10 Things About Me

Hi everyone, thanks for joining me!

For my first post I just wanted to share a few things about myself, so here we go!

1.) I am from a small town in Southern Illinois. I currently live St. Louis, MO!

2.) I am married to an amazing man named Ryan! We met in college and we were married on June 3, 2017.

3.) Ryan and I have the cutest and sweetest little pug named Mitzi Mae!

fam photo

4.) I have a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Southern Illinois University- Carbondale.

5.)  Aside from teaching yoga, I also teach English as a Second Language to students in China. They are so sweet and fun to teach but it means my work day starts at 4am!

6.) Ryan and I are currently renovating a 1969 Shasta Compact vintage travel trailer! Her name is Suzy the Shasta. 🙂


7.) I played softball for most of my life including in college. I did a lot of weight training and was never very flexible. So yoga and flexibility definitely did not come natural to me.

8.) I love to hike! I especially love to hike mountains. Ryan and I have done two fourteeners in Colorado and plan on doing many more!


9.) I love to cook! I think that’s mostly because I love to eat. 🙂

10.) I did my Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica with Marianne Wells Yoga School! It was an incredible country and an even more incredible experience!


That’s all I have for now! I will continue to update this site with my class schedule and any upcoming workshops. Also watch out for online videos in the future!

Summer ♥♥